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Learn to set up a testnet, write smart contracts and deploy decentralized applications to the EOS Mainnet

EOS Rise
What it's about

Over the last decade the first and second iteration of blockchain technology has brought with it some truly amazing innovations and with these new advancements some significant challenges. We invite you to come learn how some of these problems are being solved with us at EOS Rise.

EOS Rise is a two day workshop that provides the foundations any developer needs to start building decentralized applications on the EOS Mainnet. The program is led by Phil Mesnier (OCI) and Eugene Luzgin (EOS Tribe) and features some of the best insights, processes, cost and technologies related to developing on EOS currently available.

What we will cover

Go beyond just building and deploying a dApp, get a complete understanding of the entire EOS application stack.

  • Architectural overview of EOS Blockchain
  • Discuss components of nodeos
  • Review of different modules and tools in EOS (cleos)
  • Discuss full node (seed, api, + mongo) and BP node, differences.
  • User accounts, creating user accounts
  • Staking for resource reservation
  • Anatomy of a transaction and a block
  • Anatomy of a smart contract
  • And much more…
EOS Workshop
EOS Workshop
What you will learn

Our goal with EOS Rise was to make education for dApp development on EOS affordable for developers. Our workshop will help take you or your developer’s skillsĀ  to the next level so you can start building decentralized applications the right away on EOS.

In this workshop you will learn… 

  • Understanding the EOS Application Stack
  • Tesnet Environments & Tools
  • How to Create a Smart Contract
  • EOSJS Overview & Resources
  • EOS Security Best Practices

Your Teachers

Meet your instructors


Principal Engineer and Partner

Phil Mesnier is a Partner at OCI and is responsible for the oversight and leadership of OCI’s Blockchain Practice.


Co-Founder and CTO

Co-Founder of EOS Tribe, active in different areas of cryptography, software engineering, and cybersecurity for over 20+ years.


An overview of the subjects we will cover in the workshop

9:00 AM
Pre-Class: Students Download Docker Image & Preperation

Download the required dependancies and libraries to get started with the class.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

Review, understand and apply key system commands you need to start using the EOSIO software.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

Confirm your settings, get a single node up and running for testing and the next steps in the workshop.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

Get a detailed overview of account permissions, keys and the resources you need to manage your accounts securely.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

Create a series of accounts for general use in your development.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

An overview of the new updates in CDT, as well as how to approach smart contract development on EOSIO.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

We will have a lab showing you step by step how to create and deploy a simple smart contract.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin
9:00 AM
Practical - Create a Front End That Talks to the Chain

We will look at the basics of EOSJS and EOSJS2 and look at some methods that people use with front end javascript libraries and frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

We will review Ricardian contracts, smart contracts and how governance works on EOS.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

We will add a Ricardian contract to a predefined project smart contract that the entire group will do together.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin


Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

We will have review how pluggable modules, error messages and debugging work in EOSIO software.

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

Based on the progress we make and the needs of the group, the stundents will decide how we spend the remaining time for the day (labs, whiteboard, group project, etc…)

Phil Mesnier & Eugene Luzgin

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